Internal rules of the hotel “Slavutich”

1. Arrangements for check-in and payment for services

1.1. The Hotel works around the clock.

1.2. To reserve a room in the Hotel you should call on telephone number, send a letter or contact us in any other way in order for us to have the information about the reservation. If the guest is late for more than 24 hours, the reservation will be cancelled.

1.3. The check-in may proceed only after the submission of any documents that confirm the person. It may be passport, a certificate of birth (for underage guests), a foreign passport.

1.4. The payment for accommodation is to be done according to the prices set for 24 hours of accommodation.

1.5. Payment for accommodation takes place according to the check-out time – from 12 a.m. of a local time.

1.6. Occupancy begins at 2 pm.

1.7. Providing that the check-out is delayed for more than 4 hours the Guest has to pay for 24 hours accommodation without reference to the check-out time.

1.8. Prolonging of accommodation is possible only on condition of availability of rooms and can be considered by the administration.

1.9. If a Guest occupies the room for less than 24 hours the cost comprises the price for day and night regardless of the check-out time.

1.10. The Administration of the Hotel provides Guests with the following free-of-charge services:
• emergency call;
• use of a med kit (only medicine for external use in case of need for first aid);
• delivery of correspondence;
• awakening at a mentioned time;
• a set of mini-cosmetics, hair dryer;
• slippers and towels;
• safe deposit box;
• a set of tea;
• Wi-Fi in all rooms of the hotel;
• parking;
• cable TV.

1.11. The administration of the Hotel is responsible for complement and accuracy of facilities in the rooms, and for the quality of the check-in procedure. Preparation of the rooms for accommodation is checked and controlled by the front office.

1.12. During the check-out the Guest has to pay for the additional services which are provided during accommodation on credit, for example, room-service. Also the Guest has to pass the room he occupied to the administrator.

2. Accommodation in the hotel “Slavutich”.

2.1. The Guests occupying rooms in the Hotel have to keep to cleanness, accurately apply facilities, furniture and other items, which are situated in the rooms and public accommodations.

2.2. Entering a room you should pay attention to the List of Property which is to be found in the information folder in the room. If any item is absent or damaged you should report immediately to administrator.

2.3. Administration doesn’t take responsibility for money and valuables which were not deposited to a safe in the front office. In case of disappearance of personal possessions the Guest has to report to administrator immediately, in order to take the necessary measures to search for missing items.

2.4. In order to assure keeping up the Internal rules and safety of Guests staff of the Hotel has a right to check the electronic key when they see a stranger.

2.5. Electronic Key of the Guest's room is to be kept. On departure the Guest should return electronic key to the front office

2.6. Hotel guests are required to adhere strictly to the rules of fire safety.

2.7. Rooms are cleaned every day, towels are changed every second day . For the additional cleaning which can be done on condition of separate payment the Guest should apply to administrator of the Hotel. If the Guest wishes not to be disturbed he should hang the tablet “Please do not disturb” on the door.

2.8. Bed sheets are changed 1 time per week. Unscheduled change can be done on your request on condition of separate payment.

2.9. Servitorial staff and Guests have to keep to quietness, be polite.

2.10. When leaving a room Guests have to turn off taps, close windows and doors, switch off the light, TV-set, other electric appliances. You may leave refrigerator and fancoil (a device for cooling air) in summer switched on. If a Guest does not abide these requirements, administration may claim compensation of damage in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.11. It’s forbidden to insert foreign objects to the power control unit and leave a key in it when departing from a room.

2.12. All the Guests in the Hotel have equal rights and have to keep to:
- determined rules of accommodation;
- Regulations of Fire Safety.

2.13. It is not recommended to invite strangers to a room, leave them alone in a room, give them keys. Guests can stay in a room after 11 p.m. on condition of compulsory registration at the front office, reading these rules and payment for the additional place in a room according to the determined prices for the day of accommodation. The number of guests in a room after 11 p.m. can not be higher than the number of vacant places in the room.

2.14. All the complaints, comments and proposals as to the work of the Hotel can be written in the Customer Charter, which is located in the hall of the hotel.

2.15. There is a system of video monitoring on the territory of Hotel. Please take into consideration the fact of the use of video cameras in placements (except for rooms, lavatories).

2.16. Photo and video recording is possible only on permission of administration.

2.17. In case of emergency you should appeal to administrator.

2.18. The following is forbidden in the Hotel:
- shattering the calm;
- smoking in the building of the hotel;
- keeping animals and birds in the Hotel;
- leaving strangers in the room while absent;
- giving keys to other people;
- eating and drinking beverages outside the individual rooms and café;
- divert staff from their duties without necessity.

2.19. In case of violation of these rules, the hotel has the right to refuse the Guest in future stays.


3. Responsibility of the Hotel and Consumers for Neglect of Duty while Delivering Hotel Services

3.1. In case of neglect of a duty wholly or partially, which is connected to delivering hotel services, the offending party has to compensate the inflicted damage to the other party.

3.2. According to the Ukrainian legislation in effect the Hotel has a responsibility for a damage inflicted to life, health or property of a consumer, which is connected to problems in delivering hotel services. Procedure and amount of indemnity are determined according to legislation in effect.

3.3.In case of smoking in the premises of the Hotel a Guest and his visitors will be called to administrative account according to legislation in effect (in keeping with the article 175 of Ukrainian Administrative Violations Code a fine is imposed in case of smoking tobacco goods in forbidden places in the amount of 3 to 10 tax-free allowances).

3.4. A Guest has to compensate damage to the Hotel in case of smoking tobacco goods in a room given to the Guest for temporary accommodation. Amount of damage is determined as a price of two days of accommodation in the room where the Guest or visitors invited by him and present in the room with him let smoking. The two days are determined by sanitary regulations as a minimum term needed for elimination of a smell of tobacco, during which the Hotel will not be able to provide other consumers with an accommodation in the room

3.5. In case of smoking in other premises of the Hotel a Guest has to compensate damage to the Hotel in the amount of 1500 uah.

3.6. A Guest can compensate damage to the Hotel voluntarily in the amount determined by article 3.4 and 3.5 of these Rules without being called to administrative account on condition of agreement with an administrator.

3.7. In case of violation of legislative requirements and other statutory instruments related to defense of population from noise or breach of the rules of maintenance of calm in inhabited localities and public establishments a Guest can be called to administrative account in accordance with legislation in effect (after article 182 of Ukrainian Administrative Violations Code a fine for breaching of aforementioned requirements is determined in amount of 15 to 30 tax-free allowances).

3.8. Compensation of damage caused by the consumer for the loss of or damage to property of the Hotel, is realized according to the legislation in effect.

3.9. A Guest has a right to compensate an inflicted damage voluntarily without workers of law enforcement agencies on agreement with an administrator and making a bilateral memorandum. At this an amount of compensation can be held back from the preliminary payment contributed by a consumer on agreement with him.

4. Effect of Hotel Services Contract

4.1. A Contract about delivering main hotel services by the Hotel to a Guest is regarded as entered after processing for accommodation (filling in a personnel department form, registration) and is certified by a check or other payment document which affirms entering a contract and includes:
- name of the Hotel, its particulars;
- name and surname of a Guest;
- information about a guestroom (place in a room), which is provided for temporary accommodation.

4.2. The Rules are an essential part of a hotel services contract.

4.3. While filling in a personnel department form a Guest has to get acquainted with the Rules. By the fact of signing the form a Guest affirms that he was informed about the rules and finds them acceptable as conditions for delivering hotel services.


Regulations of Fire Safety

It is not allowed to:
-    smoke in rooms and premises of the Hotel;
-    leave switched on electric heaters unattended;
-    use handmade heaters;
-    keep and use highly inflammable and flammable fluids, explosive matters and compressed gases;
-    block doors, fire exits and stairs with furniture and other objects.

It is necessary that you abide safety instructions while using electric devices, detergents, other precarious agents.

After stopping to use appliances, they must be switched off. It is allowed to leave a fridge and a fancoil (in summer) switched on.

Procedure in Case of Fire

1. Immediately inform administrator about the fire using a phone number “0668408885” or “111”.

2. When hearing a sound signal of fire immediately leave the building of the hotel through main escape routs according to the escape map, which is in a room or in a corridor.