Our cozy and stylish cafe is situated on the semi-basement floor of the hotel. If you begin your day with a cup of excellent coffee and a delicious breakfast you will have a temptation to visit the cafe once again. Relaxing music and high-tony dishes dispose to informal communication and rest. Our chef has created a menu which includes the best dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine.

 Working hours:

Every day 07.00 - 10.00 in the morning, 19.00 - 23.00 in the evening.


Morning is a period which usually determines our mood for the whole day. We suggest to spend it with benefit! Breakfast in the cafe "Slavutich" is delicious, useful and very important for effective work and full rest. Dishes are cooked individually before serving. Every breakfast is served with tea, coffee or juice on your choice. Bon appetit!


At the end of a pleasant day a delicious dinner waits for you. After that it is always good to have a drink, rest and spend some time with other people. You are welcome!


You can order breakfast and dinner to your guestroom at a charge.

Menu for download:

- Breakfast's menu

-Additional Brekfast's menu

- Dinner's menu

-Additional Dinner's menu